No matter how …

No matter how bad thing if you work hard and want something bad enough you just keep on trying and at times you have to try a little harder as the turkey’s ( Unhappy People Of the world)will try to keep you down and you can’t no matter what let them win.

The Strong/Good People That Are Working For The Better Things In Life Will Always Survive.

Things have a tendency to stand a better chance of working out if we work together and not against each other as there is always strength in numbers. All it takes is one person to plant the seed/ thought and stand up and say something and you would be really surprised as I often am when I say something that other people are thinking the same thing or close to I but are either afraid they won’t be heard or feel as though their spirit has been broken.



About jackieblue012

I am a very peaceful person who is very passionate about peace as well as working with other's via communication as well as compromise for justice for human rights, self respect as well as respect for and from other's. In ways it just feels like a lot of people have lost their way. I really believe in Peace & Happiness as we work together and not against each other.

5 responses to “No matter how …”

  1. jackieblue012 says :

    Yes I liked my own post no has nothing what so ever about being vain What it has to do with is strength. No I never felt heard & still in allot of ways I don’t but am starting to. So no not about vanity more to life than being vein. Being real is what it is all about as well as confident & not letting people keep you down.
    I hope that has clarified things a bit.
    While I am at it I am just starting out Blogging & have not even set my sight up fully yet so here we are

    • jackieblue012 says :

      I have to start someplace. The answer always is time. For me it is time to write & I am having the best fun as I learn. I enjoy what I am doing as it is what it that I really want to do. Being happy By Any mean’s Necessary.
      Enjoy your day to the best of your ability.
      Peace & be well.

  2. Pat says :

    Hi Jackie – followed you over here from your comment. I like what the quote says about trying harder and working harder. It’s true — sometimes, it just doesn’t come easy.

    Don’t know about “The Strong/Good People That Are Working For The Better Things In Life Will Always Survive” — you could argue what about Martin Luther King, Jr. or John F. Kennedy. Let’s hope, like Nelson Mandela, what they stood for, fought for and accomplished will always be remembered.

    • jackieblue012 says :

      Pat, As I do my level best to enjoy my Saturday. One of my best friend’s from back in the day growing up who still understands Friendship civil Right’s as well as Nelson Mandela Jeff Kelly Lowenstein Hoy Newspaper Chicago Tribune.

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